Sixteenth Annual MwALT Conference

Under Construction: Building Arguments, Assessments, and Expertise

Cambridge Michigan Language Assessment, Ann Arbor, Michigan
October 3-4, 2014

MwALT is an organization for educators at all levels, program administrators, educational publishers and testing development companies, students, policy makers, business and industry managers, school psychologists, counselors and support personnel who have an interest in language testing.


Announcement: MwALT Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Language Assessment Research (2012)

The winner of the 2012 MwALT Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Language Assessment Research is Chih-Kai (Cary) Lin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the paper “Reliability of reviewer judgments about language performance indicators: How many reviewers?”. The research reported in the paper was carried out in the context of the course Advanced Topics in Language Testing by Professor Fred Davidson. The winner will be invited to present the award-winning paper at the MwALT conference at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ( The winner’s conference registration fee will be waived, and at the awards ceremony, the winner will receive a certificate and a book on language testing.

The MwALT Executive Board decided this year to comment on the quality of three papers, who received very high scores during the review process. The three runners-up, who will also receive a book on language testing, are:

Sarah Goodwin, Georgia State University, for her paper “Predicting Proficiency Level in Examinee Writing Using the Academic Formula List”

Eve Ryan, Lancaster University, for her paper “Investigating the language test development process when the test developers do not speak the language being assessed”

Xiaomei Song, Queen’s University, for her paper “The effect of a national education policy on language test performance: A fairness perspective”

The MwALT Executive Board would like to congratulate the winner and the runners-up on their excellent work.



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